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Trust & Estate Attorneys in Petaluma, California
+1 (707) 763-1911        36 Fifth Street, Petaluma, California

There’s a reason why Behrens, Nelson & Knudson have been around for so long…..

  • Smart Attorneys
  • Sound estate planning
  • The highest standard of ethics
  • Commitment to community service
  • Generation after generation of return clients

Planning to help you weather any storm….

With a historic foothold in Sonoma County, Behrens, Nelson & Knudson (BNK) continues to exceed expectations in estate planning and trust and estate administration. BNK sets the mark with thoughtful planning, prudent trustee and executor representation, and common sense solutions for protecting your estate and family members.

Guiding clients through the uncertainty of planning and estate and trust administration is what we do best. Whether acting as the trustee or executor of someone’s estate, or deciding on the best person to act as executor or trustee of your own estate, turn to Behrens, Nelson & Knudson for dedicated attorneys to help you weather any storm.

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